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Justice for all

Elkhart County has a long history of providing many great services to its residents and businesses.  The Elkhart County Justice system is no different.


As current accessibility, security and service in our judiciary have raised questions about modernization and serving Elkhart County well into the next 100 years, it was clear the courts' offerings needed to be updated.

County officials, County Judges, County Clerk, County Commissioners, County Council and the Sheriff have been deliberately involved in the evaluation and evolution process which has taken many years.


All county officials involved in the process made the decision to recommend a single, consolidated court building to provide better justice for all.  During the analysis, Elkhart County remains prudent fiscal stewards, encouraging a consolidated court as less costly than two new facilities for construction and annual operation.

Key Facts

Equal Access

It is fundamental that our courts system must be accessible for every taxpaying citizen in the county. Our job is to eliminate as many hurdles to their access as possible. This is why a central location is important.


First and foremost, the cost to build two separate facilities is impractical. Furthermore, we owe it to the taxpayers of Elkhart County to eliminate duplication of services and offices. And even more importantly, we owe our Judges, attorneys and citizens the benefits of working out of one convenient location where efficiencies are possible.

Future Expansion

The population of Elkhart County has been growing for the past 30 years. It’s only prudent to build a smart, modern facility in a location where future expansion will be possible when necessary.

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